Where We're Going (details)

8/26-30: Tampa, FL (Republican Convention) and nearby cities
8/31: Gainesville, FL
9/1: Atlanta, GA
9/2: Columbia, SC
9/3-6: Charlotte, NC (Democratic Convention) and nearby cities

Patients and health care providers are uniting to demand that politicians stop playing politics with healthcare – and start moving health reform forward. We are organizing a historic bus tour from the Republican Convention in Tampa, FL to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, NC. We will march at the conventions, educate communities along the way about the importance of health reform, and conduct preventive health screenings for the public.

Sign a Declaration of Support that we'll deliver to politicians on the road - or better yet, join us on the bus!

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    August 26-30 (Tampa, FL and nearby cities)
    August 31 (Gainesville, FL)
    September 1 (Atlanta, GA)
    September 2 (Columbia, SC)
    September 3-6 (Charlotte, NC and other cities in NC)
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    In the coming days and weeks, we will be adding profiles of doctors, other health providers, and patients who are joining us on this historic journey! In the meantime, click on the map to see some of the doctors and medical students who have joined our One Million campaign to educate the public about health reform.

    "My nephew had asthma as a child, and was therefore uninsurable through our bizarre health insurance system. The ACA allowed him to be covered on his parents' policy so he could get care."
    —Dr. Katherine Scheirman of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    "I got involved in health advocacy when I lost 2 of my patients in 2006. They died because they did not have coverage or affordable access to the care they needed, despite both working full time. I have already seen a variety of benefits the ACA has provided my patients - for example, seniors who come in for Wellness visits and get recommended screening tests without having the barrier of co-pays, patients under 26 years old who are now covered."
    —Dr. Evan Saulino of Portland, Oregon