Doctors and Medical Students Say: Don't Cut the Prevention Fund!


Wow. In just 3 days, we hit our target of 500 doctors and medical students to stand up for the Prevention Fund! Let's blow past 500 and let the Senate know that doctors and medical students mean business. Sign today and share with your friends!

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    Dear Senator:

    As a doctor or medical student, I oppose the recent House decision to use Prevention and Public Health Funds to keep student loan interest rates low. 

    Both programs are vital to the future and health of the nation. 

    Prevention saves lives, reduces health care costs, and makes our country a healthier, more productive place.

    I urge you to support Senator Harkin's bill to use other sources of funding to pay for keeping student loan rates low – we should not cut off our nose to spite our face.


    Not a doctor or medical student? We need your voice, too. Call your Senator today!

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