Doctors to Congress: End the Ban and Fund Gun Violence Research

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    Subject: Urge Congress to end the CDC research ban
    The medical and public health communities continue to believe gun violence is a serious public health threat that must be handled with urgency.

    While gun violence claims the lives of 91 Americans everyday, there has been almost no publicly funded research on gun violence for nearly 20 years. During that time, the federal government has spent over $240 million a year on traffic safety and we have been able to save 360,000 lives.

    Federal research has addressed many of our Nation’s most pressing public health challenges and it is time do the same with gun violence. Congress must lift the barrier to research that has persisted for nearly 20 years and fund the work that we need to save lives and prevent future tragedies.

    Join me in calling on Congress to end the effective ban on CDC research and fund this lifesaving work. Send a letter to your representative today.

    For 20 years, every year, Congress votes to deny funding and effectively ban the CDC from doing critical research to prevent gun violence through the Dickey Amendment. Doctors for America is joining with the medical, public health, and science community to say: enough is enough, #EndTheBan!

    Urge Congress to lift the ban and fund research. Send a letter today!